In the Beggining

  A year ago, I was sitting at our local bar, watching my friend Ian play pool. I like to play, but due to a car accident, my ring finger and my pinkie on my left hand aren't very strong. Consequently, I can't maintain a stable bridge. As I watched him use a moosehead bridge to make a difficult long shot, an idea occurred to me. Why couldn't I tape the bridge to my hand. That didn't seem too practical. I needed some way to affix it to my hand.  The SureShot was born!!  Here we are today gathering friends and followers as we prepare to launch the SureShot!  

The Product


Made of a durable vinyl, The SureShot is easy and comfortable to handle, use and wear. It is safe for your cue, legal in tournament play and it's small enough to fit in your pocket! 

We offer a lifetime warranty against any defects in the production of the SureShot device. Just send us a photo of the the damage and a brief statement of the occurrence and we will replace it. You just pay the shipping. 

The Usage


The SureShot Device has a variety of cue guides to support the shaft of your cue in an array of different shot and cue positions. Additionally, you can flip the device horizontally and vertically to use the different guides and achieve a stable Bridge for use in shots that you never thought possible for yourself. 

Along with helping people learn the game, it is a huge help to people with arthritis, inflammation and other ailments and disabilities that are the source of the shooter's lack of dexterity.